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"Those who don't make time for exercise now will eventually have to make time for illness and disease later?"

---The Earl of Derby, 1873

We are very happy to present training classes via internet. Join us via Skype for live training via the internet.


The Fort Collins Chinese Shao lin offers the most diverse training of any schools in Northern Colorado. Strength, flexibility, stress relief, focus and confidence are just a few of the things you will learn or improve with our training. We are also the only school in Northern Colorado certified by Shao Lin Grand Master Sin Kwang The.

Our goal is to pass on this ancient form of martial arts taught at the original Shao Lin Temples of China. Through challenging training in all aspects of Shao Lin to build well balanced lives for our students.

Shao Lin is considered the father of most martial arts in the world. Including Karate, Tae Kwoon Do, Silat, etc.

You do not need to be in great physical condition, young, full of energy. We offer classes to anyone willing to learn and work toward a goal. Whatever your circumstance, without regard for age or physical capability, we will teach and train you to reach your goals.

What we offer!

  • Fun, Energetic classes
  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • Focus, endurance, self respect
  • Self confidence
  • Self defense
  • Diverse training classes
  • No hidden fees
  • Adult Classes
  • Kids Classes (5yrs & up)
  • A full month of training for absolutely FREE
  • Absolutely NO Contracts

Shao Lin Kung fu and Tai chi movements build up areas of the physical and mental aspects of your life relieving stress and tension as you learn how to defend yourself. Our focus is the health and well being of our students.  Whether you are able to train 1 hour a week, or 16 hours a week, you will see a difference in a month, feeling mentally and physically improved.

Rescue yourself from the same old same old. Come by and try classes for a FREE month. We would love to have you. We work with each individual student to get to where they want to be. So feel free to stop by and watch classes, or just come in and jump right in for a whole month of training. We will do our best to make sure you have a great time and take care of yourself physically and mentally.

Thanks You Sifu Patrick and Jane

Please explore our site to find answers to your questions and begin your journey into the world of Shao Lin Kung Fu.

Located at 2550 S. Taft Hill Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526

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