Colorado Shao-Lin Martial Arts
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My Doctor recomends some kinds of stretching and exercise. Can I do Shao Lin?
Many experts today encourage activity to keep us young and flexible. We have passive conditioning classes, breathing exercises that build and continue on to more involved classes, such as Tai Chi Chuan. Western doctors are now finding many health benefits from Tai Chi Chuan for different health issues in the United States. Even research into how Tai Chi Chuan may help cancer patience. 

What kind of mental training might I expect?
Most students comment that Shao Lin provided so much more than they expected!
In addition to the physical training and conditioning, mental conditioning is also emphasized. Correct breathing techniques are taught, as well as, forms (katas) which are an excellent way for the brain to learn new patterns - Learned information. Experts say this is critical in achieving an health mind and body as we get older.

Is there a specific time in the class cycle when I should start my training?
No! Students WORK at their OWN PACE and new students can JOIN at ANYTIME.

Why do you use a Belt system in Shao Lin?
This has a historic significance. First and for most the uniforms are historically correct according to the murals/paintings found on the walls of the Honan Shao Lin Temple. The other reason Grand Master Ie Chang Ming put the belts in place to help hide the art from those who wish to destroy it. Now it has become a way for each student to have a measure of their own accomplishments and Goals.

Am I to old to start training?
We have many students from all walks of life and ages interested in getting in better physical and mental shape. Students that cannot participate in particular areas of conditioning have an abundance of material that will help you get and keep in shape.

Is Shao Lin Kung Fu suitable for women?
Absolutely, we have many women in the art, various ages and rank. Besides learning the self defense aspect, the conditioning and mental training ensure a long, healthy life!. The techniques developed in Shao-lin Kung Fu were designed for a smaller practitioner to defeat a larger more powerful attacker through superior skill, strategy and technique. Studying Shao-lin is the perfect preparation for a woman seeking effective and universal self-defense skills. In fact, the founder of Wing Chun, the style of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee studied, was a Shao-lin nun.

Do I need to be in shape before I start training?
Wheather you are vary active or havn't exercised in years our training is designed to work for all students. Our training will help to get you fit, lose weight and live a longer healthier life.
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