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Colorado Shao-Lin Martial Arts
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Classes are held through out the week in Loveland and Fort Collins.
Sunday through Friday, classes are by appointment only, please email to setup a time Saturdays classes are held at Troutman Park in Fort Collins from 11 am to 12:30 pm, weather permitting.

Here you will find all the answers to questions about becoming a student at the Chinese Shao Lin School, and just a small sample of what made Shao Lin the 1st Mixed Martial Art.

Introducing Classes Via Internet!
We have started classes via Skype/internet. For information please contact us at for information on how to sign up.

Classes include styles from Northern and Southern Shao Lin Temples of China. As well as specialized physical and mental training.
Styles include:
  • Tiger
  • Dragon
  • Bird
  • Crane
  • Tai Chi Chuan, (Yang, Chen, & Wu)
  • Hsing I Chuan
  • Pa Kua (Ba Gua)
  • Weapons

  • These are just a few of the styles we offer.

Students WORK at their OWN PACE and new students can JOIN at ANYTIME.

1. Membership -Please come in and chat with us about membership options 

2. Locations - The Fort Collins school is under the direction of Sifu Patrick Quickle. Other schools and instructors are located through out the United states Class Locations and Websites

3. Class times:

    SATURDAY 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

4. What to wear
- The School Uniform is optional the 1st month of classes. Students may wear any loose fitting clothing during the first month or you may purchase a uniform. (see below)

5. Age - Classes are structured for adults. Children recommended age is 10 years old for the adult classes. However we will allow younger students if an older sibling or parent joins with them to join the adult Classes. Each child is different in maturity, but all are welcome to try classes for the free month to see if our school works for them and their parents.

6. Membership: Though we consider our students as family we charge One monthly fee that includes all training, special classes as well as testing fees (up to Brown Belt)

                            2 Weeks absolutely free with no further obligations.
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